MAP Police

MAP Police helps brands, distributors and retailers by providing solutions for MAP policy enforcement.

Brand protection made easy!

We help brands enforce their pricing policy by reporting and identifying sellers who are selling their goods below the minimum advertised price (MAP).

Stay informed with extensive reporting

Our combined approach of specialized software and personal investigation allows us to maintain accurate MAP violation reports on a consistent basis. This thorough monitoring process is the key to protecting your brand from any potential threats.

Complete pricing enforcement on the largest sales platform


Cost Efficient

Map monitoring doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. With Map-Police you can get the services necessary to protect your brand without the need for a hefty price tag.

Full Service Coverage

Map Police is a fully scalable service that can accommodate any size business. Whether you have a handful of products or a massive catalog we can find a service plan that works for you.

Customized for you

Let us tailor our service to fit your needs. With Map Police you can create your own reporting schedule and move at your own pace. Contact us to find out how we can do for you.